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Cross the Chasm from Sexual Bondage to Sexual Purity.

We Understand Sexual Addiction

We understand what it means to be in sexual bondage and have found freedom. 
We invite you to join us on a step-by-step journey to sexual purity. This is not easy, but we will show you how. 
Our commitment is to get you to cross the chasm of sexual sin by building a bridge that will carry you across the chasm. 

This course offers you a proven way to overcome the chasm of sexual addictions from a Christian perspective. It is a responsive, comprehensive sexual purity course that combines interactive online learning, live counseling and a supportive community. 

We Know Sexual Purity

God saved me, Jason Young, from sexual bondage to purity. It was a tough journey, but worth it! Married 28 years with 11 children. Earned M.Div in theology, pastured a reformed Baptist Church for 20+ years. Helped men grow in sexual purity, learn from my failures and growth.

The Course: Cross the Chasm

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